NSSR 2021 LIVE Will be Virtual

NSSR offers a complete educational experience exploring the latest evidence-based research on post-secondary retention and graduation. All concurrent sessions will be presented live, providing many opportunities for networking and collaboration among colleagues from diverse fields and institutions.

The Call for Proposals is Now Open

This is your chance to be published and to share your ideas with leading professionals in higher education. Begin the process by submitting your proposal. Authors will be notified of acceptance in April and those whose proposals are accepted in the paper or panel category will be invited to submit a paper for peer review.

Submit your proposal by March 22nd. See the Call for Proposals page for information about the proposal process.


The conference team did an AMAZING job of communicating in preparation for the event. As one who presented a paper, I was in awe of their timeliness, encouragement, and support throughout the process. I can’t imagine how the conference could have been managed any more efficiently. Great job!

          Jennifer Humber, Director of Student Services, University of Alabama


Registration Will Open in June 

We invite you to join us for this important gathering. Discover new, proven strategies from a diverse group of your colleagues in higher education. Hear the latest research on what works and how you can implement similar approaches on your campus. 

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