Webinar Wednesdays

Join us at 1:00 Central Daylight Time on December 5, 2018 for Leavers, Stayers and Contemplators: Understanding the Drivers of Success for Low-Income Students presented by Sally J. McMillan & Serena Matsunaga of the University of Tennessee.

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The National Symposium on Student Retention is the premiere conference for evidence-based research on student retention and graduation. #NSSR18 will take place at the Little America Hotel in downtown Salt Lake City on November 5-8. Fill out our Walk-in Registration Form and bring it to the Symposium to register in person. For further information, see our Interactive Conference Program.

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CSRDE institutional members share retention data in exchange for reports on first-time, STEM & transfer students. The Symposium, monthly webinars, the Sourcebook and an online library provide additional resources for our members.

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