Building Bridges for Student Success: A Sourcebook for Colleges and Universities

Sourcebook Bridge BlueprintThe Sourcebook is an electronic book designed to provide higher education practitioners and researchers with resources for practices and factors which influence student success. It was first published in 2013 by the Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange and edited by Gerry McLaughlin, Richard Howard, Josetta McLaughlin and William E. Knight.

The purpose of the book is to enhance the bridges institutions can build between activities, functions, and programs which optimize student success. While the chapters cover a broad range of topics in academic and cocurricular learning, they also maintain a core focus on academic and student affairs management to include institutional research, learning outcomes assessment and institutional effectiveness—all functions closely related to student success and its measurement.

The Sourcebook provides an outlet for the ever expanding body of knowledge within the higher education community of practice working to improve student success at our institutions. Our hope is that the Sourcebook will be a starting place for comprehensive discussion of current issues and practices on college and university campuses.

Dynamic Content

The Sourcebook was created as a dynamic document that will change over time. It contains 30 chapters authored by over 60 higher education professionals, organized into an introduction and five distinct parts. Part topics include building effective programs, unique groups and needs, faculty engagement, and learning assessment as well as several case studies.

Updated Book Coming Soon!

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The Sourcebook may be purchased in individual chapters or parts, or you may select the full book.