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Building Bridges for Student Success: A Sourcebook for Colleges and Universities

The purpose of the Sourcebook is to enhance the bridges institutions can build between activities, functions and programs that optimize student success. The chapters cover a broad range of topics in academic and cocurricular learning and experience while maintaining a core focus on academic and student affairs.

The Sourcebook provides an outlet for the ever expanding body of knowledge within the higher education community of practice working to improve student success at our institutions. Our hope is that the Sourcebook will be a starting place for comprehensive discussion of current issues and practices on college and university campuses.

Dynamic Content

We created this dynamic publication to grow over time in order to reflect the changing climate in higher education. To date, the book includes five parts, divided into 34 chapters and written by 70 higher education professionals. The Sourcebook may be purchased in individual chapters or parts, or you may select the full book. See Table of Contents and a Sourcebook Overview.

Get Involved!

This book is a cooperative effort made possible by the contributions of your colleagues. Just as they have shared with you, we hope you will consider sharing with them.


CSRDE designed the Sourcebook to provide higher education practitioners and researchers with resources for influencing student success. It was first published in 2013 by the Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange and edited by Gerry McLaughlin, Richard Howard, Josetta McLaughlin and William E. Knight. The current editor is Mardy Eimers. Julie Noble and Heather Kelly are associate editors.

The Latest

Our newest edition of the Sourcebook was released in April 2021.

New chapters include:

  • A Little Becomes a Lot: Advancing a Model of Microaffirmations for Student Success by Cynthia Demetriou, University of Arizona, James M. Ellis, University of Michigan, C. Huerta-Bapat, University of North Carolina, and Candice Powell, University of North Carolina
  • A Noncognitive Assessment Roadmap to College Student Success by Becky L. Bobek, ACT, Jason Way, ACT, and Maria Ofelia Z. San Pedro, ACT
  • Measuring Student Success at the Institutional Level by Gary Boden, University of Rhode Island

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The Sourcebook may be purchased in full or as individual chapters or parts.

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