Individual membership in the Consortium is available to colleagues who are actively engaged in efforts to improve understanding, planning, and implementation of research, programs and initiatives at a higher education institution or non-profit organization which supports student retention and success in postsecondary education.

Individual members receive the following benefits:

  • One webinar of your choice from our webinar series
  • Member discount on additional webinars and recorded podcasts
  • Executive Summary of the latest CSRDE Retention Report: The Retention and Graduation Rates of Entering Baccalaureate Degree-seeking Freshman Cohorts
  • Member discount to attend the National Symposium on Student Retention
  • Copy of the latest Proceedings of the National Symposium on Student Retention
  • $150 Annual Cost
  • Now Registering for October 1, 2021 to September 30, 2022
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  • Fees are non-prorated and non-refundable
  • Individual membership is not transferable
By joining the Consortium, individual members indicate their intent to participate in networking, sharing best practices, online discussion forums as available and to attend Consortium events.

Individual members are not eligible to participate in the data-sharing activities of the CSRDE, and therefore no benchmarking data beyond the Executive Summary is made available to individual members as part of their membership. Our Member Portal is used primarily for data sharing with our Institutional Members. Individual Members will not need access to the Member Portal.

As soon we have received your registration information and payment, we will email you materials concerning the webinar options and other benefits.