CSRDE is a Data Sharing Consortium

Institutional Membership

Colleges and universities contribute retention and graduation data to our annual reports. These reports are made available exclusively to participating institutions together with access to online peer data. Members also receive access to our Knowledgebase and most of the benefits of membership extend to the entire institution.

Individual Membership

All persons who are actively engaged in efforts to improve student retention and success in postsecondary education are eligible for individual membership. Individual members receive a copy of the latest conference proceedings and an Executive Summary of the four-year retention report.

All Members

In addition, all members receive discounts on our electronic publication, Building Bridges for Student Success: A Sourcebook for Colleges and Universities, on registration for the National Symposium on Student Retention and webinars.

The retention and graduation information available to CSRDE members is at a level of detail unavailable anywhere else I’ve found. If you really want to understand your own students, being able to compare your cohorts’ specific characteristics and outcomes with students at other institutions is an essential piece of the puzzle.

Gary Gunderman, Executive Director, Institutional Research and Assessment
University of Arkansas