Ready to Attend NSSR but Need to Convince the Business Office?

“Terrific learning and networking experience… I always come home rejuvenated with new ways to approach my work and that is priceless.”

How about you?

Are you ready to attend the Symposium, but need help convincing leadership to pay for it?

Travel and training budgets have been slashed at education institutions across the country with some experiencing severe financial problems. We understand that the cost of attending a conference is considerable and that your business office may want some serious justification.

NSSR is more affordable than many other conferences, gives a great return on investment and the smaller, more intimate size is designed for interaction & collaboration among colleagues who may serve as key contacts for future initiatives.

If you retain just one student, it could save your institution more than the cost of registration

Increasing student retention improves the financial health of an institution, as seen in studies including NSSR presentations. When making your case for attending, focus on the lessons and ideas which may be brought back to help your school with its retention efforts. Here are some suggestions:

  • Offer to prepare and deliver a short presentation for your colleagues, highlighting what you learned
  • Share the electronic conference proceedings which are included in your registration fee and contain all of the peer-reviewed papers
  • Prepare a plan to show who will cover for you while you are away from the office
  • Estimate your expenses

We have created a justification letter template for your supervisor or business office. It explains the benefits you and your school will get from attending and includes a worksheet to help estimate the costs.

Remember to register by September 1 for the Early Bird discounts!

All faculty and staff at CSRDE institutions receive additional discounts on conference and workshop registration so check to see if your school is a member. If not, you can still qualify for the member discounts by becoming an individual member.

See You There!