CSRDE Best Practices in Student Retention Awards 2019


CSRDE announced our Best Practices in Student Retention Awards for 2019 at the National Symposium on Student Retention in New Orleans on October 31, 2019. Award winners are pictured with CSRDE Director Sandra Whalen.

  • Jordan Ryan, Catherine Nutter, and Patrick Hughes of Texas Tech University won the 2019 Best Practices Award for their paper A Second Chance at Success: Retention Through Provisional Admissions Programs. Best Practices Award winners must demonstrate evidence of a system-wide approach to the institution’s retention issues. The paper details the Tech Transfer Acceleration Program, which Texas Tech has used to improve at-risk student retention and persistence though partnership with community colleges and targeted advising.
  • J.D Jayaraman, Sue Gerber, and Julian Garcia of New Jersey City University received the 2019 Institutional Research Leadership Award for their paper Predicting Minority Student Dropout Using Data Mining Techniques. This award is given to the paper best demonstrating the importance of institutional research to the field of student retention. Using a data mining approach, the paper demonstrates how educational institutions can use machine learning models to better predict and prevent student dropout.
  • Melissa Lang, Bert Ellison, Kelly Grant of Tulane University and John M. Braxton of Vanderbilt University were presented the 2019 Director’s Award for their paper, Data Cartography at Tulane University: Mapping Your Data through a Theoretical Lens. The Director’s Award is given to the paper that best addresses an issue of current interest and need in the field of student retention and success. The paper discusses auditing and organizing the separate data collecting functions of universities and institutions in order to drive more informed decision making.
  • Amy Yearwood of Carnegie Mellon won 2019 Best Poster Award for her poster Utilize the Summer to Reset and Revitalize Your College Experience, which can be viewed above. The award was selected from a panel of judges at the conference.