Build Your Retention Efforts

The Time is Right to Build Your Retention Activities and Efforts

Your institution may have American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds available for student retention initiatives including CSRDE membership, access to data by gender and race/ethnicity, attendance at the National Symposium on Student Retention, and more. Now is a great time to join our consortium and see the benefits that CSRDE programs bring to institutions nationwide.

As a long-time member of the Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange (CSRDE), we find great value in participating in their data collections. Using CSRDE reports, we compare our retention and graduation performance to peer institutions. Additional institutional and student characteristics provided in the CSRDE summaries are also important components of our benchmark comparisons.

Bernie Braun, Director of Institutional Research
Louisiana State University


Stay Connected with CSRDE

CSRDE offers many ways for your institution to boost its student retention efforts:

  • Detailed student retention reports for comparison with benchmark and different institutional groupings. You might already be aware of the standard retention and graduation rates of institutions in your own interinstitutional comparison group. However, there is much more that can be learned and shared in a broader consortium. Our reports capture institutional and student characteristics, as well as data by gender and race/ethnicity
  • Connections and networking with professional colleagues at similar and different institutions, enabling the sharing of strategies, techniques, tips, policies, and new ideas that have worked or that are being tested and evaluated at other institutions.
  • The National Symposium on Student Retention, an excellent opportunity to learn and stay abreast of what is happening in student progression, student retention, and student success, and a great way to connect with other student success professionals — to make new connections and to renew and affirm existing connections and collaborations.
  • CSRDE webinars about successful practices and ideas that are in use at other institutions. See how your colleagues support students of color as well as those who are underrepresented, low income, first-generation, undecided, on probation, at-risk, and more.
  • The CSRDE Sourcebook, which contains chapters covering a broad range of topics in academic and cocurricular learning and experience while maintaining a core focus on academic and student affairs.
  • Podcast Packages, our new professional development option. Packages include three similarly themed podcast selections, grouped together and discounted to encourage further student retention learning. As an added benefit, members have access to the corresponding papers to these podcasts in our knowledgebase. Special pricing through July 31, 2021: $75 for members; $100 for non-members.


          Participating in the CSRDE webinars has become a book club like event for us at the University of Arkansas. We each view the webinar. Then later, we discuss the ideas at other campus student success/retention meetings. We use these ideas to build upon our practice. Thank you for allowing us to participate apart, together.”

          Deborah Korth, Teaching Professor and Director of Student Success, College of Arts and Sciences
          University of Arkansas


          Commit to Student Retention Today!

          If you and your institution are committed to learning, to staying abreast of great practices, to sharing the how-to about successes, to identifying pitfalls to avoid, to not having to reinvent the wheel — then membership in CSRDE is for you!