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updated: 01/08/09

Raising Retention Rates with Peer Mentoring

presented by

Erika Gillette, Sierra Nevada College
Henry Conover, Sierra Nevada College
Lynn Gillette, Sierra Nevada College

Date of webinar: July 17, 2013

*Materials for this webinar are not currently available.

To register for a Webinar click here, download the form for the year you are registering for, fill it out, and either mail or fax it back to us.


The financial repercussions of losing a student due to academic failure are significant, both for the student and the campus. This webinar will present our peer mentoring program for academically at-risk students that has raised retention rates for these at-risk students by 21% and GPAs for the same students by an average of 26%. We have made significant changes to retain more students that were otherwise at a high risk for academic disqualification. Over four semesters, we have collected a consistent set of data on the percentage of our students who 1) returned to good standing, 2) improved their GPA but still continued on probation, and 3) were academically disqualified, and 4) other relevant data that will be presented. In addition to the tremendous difference the program makes in students' academic performance, it has also yielded over $4 million in retained revenue, with a 3,053% return on the costs of the program. The webinar will also present updated data from the 2012-2013 year.




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