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The Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange
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updated: 09/29/15

Quick Query System Information

The Quick Query System is the online application developed by the CSRDE team that allows member institutions to create reports using CSRDE data. Three types of reports may be created using the tools described below.

  1. The Peer Report Tool for each published report is available to all member institutions which provide data for that report.

    The tool will help you to select institutions with similar characteristics to your own, such as by Carnegie Classification and selectivity. Once you have selected between 5 and 20 of your institution’s peers, the tool allows you to create the Excel files that make up the peer report from the CSRDE database.

    For 4-year institutions, the Excel Peer Report consists of these four parts: Detailed Report, Summary Report, Characteristics Report, and Documentation Report. The Peer Report for 2-year members consists of the same four parts.

  2. The Summary Report Tool allows Level 2 and Level 3 Members to create unlimited reports using CSRDE data based on variables such as Carnegie Classification, selectivity, size, and control.

    Unlimited Summary Reports may be created for each report to which your institution contributes data.

  3. The Adhoc Summary Report Tool is available to Level 3 Institutions for each report in which their data is included.

    Participants may create unlimited Adhoc Peer Summary Reports. These reports are identical to the ones created using the Peer Report Tool above, except that they provide only the aggregate data for each peer group selected, together with the characteristics and documentation of each institution chosen. The sample given is from the 4-year STEM Report.

    Click here for a video of how to use the Quick Query System


If you have any comments, suggestions, or unanswered questions about the Quick Query System, please send them our way.


The Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange at the University of Oklahoma is a consortium of two-year and four-year institutions dedicated to achieving the highest levels of student success through collaboratively sharing data, knowledge, and innovation.

CSRDE is a sponsored activity of the Center for Institutional Data Exchange and Analysis at

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